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Systemic NLP Master Practitioner Program



Level that is about you.

To transform yourself not by “becoming”, but through the recognition of what you already are.

The Systemic NLP Master Practitioner Training is about mastery - mastery of your current NLP skills, and mastery of a whole new level of powerful techniques, as well as learning how to use them from an entirely different angle.

The Systemic NLP Master Practitioner Program is an intensive and fascinating program aimed at furthering your knowledge of and skills in using powerful NLP techniques. The program focuses on the learning process and is set up to achieve fast and visible results.

You will learn advanced linguistic protocols and powerful language models for influencing and changing behaviors in all contexts.

You will learn advanced models of change that are the catalyst for instigating significant transformation.

You will learn to transform your skills to compelling and dynamic new heights of excellence.

In a business world with ever-changing needs, you will be able to assist groups to let go of negative emotions, limiting decisions and limiting beliefs, at the same time implementing strategies for creating an extraordinary quality of life for individuals and organizations alike.

The Systemic NLP Master Practitioner offers a combination of instruction, demonstration, discussion, modeling and interactive practice of NLP techniques.

The program takes place in 15 days divided into 7 modules of 2 days and final day for presentation of the acquired knowledge and is set up as follows:

Module 1: Conscious Leader Strategies

Utmost importance is given to strategies, i.e. to internal processes that create life.

Module 2 - Beliefs and Values

Dedicated to beliefs and values. Every value has a belief. Beliefs are practical implications of criteria. Criteria are deep internal motivators and are related to the flow of energy. We use the criteria to evaluate, to measure.

Module 3: Meta programs

Dedicated to Meta programs - patterns in one's actions, thinking and feeling, crucial in Systemic NLP Master education. They are our internal organization which determines that we do or say the same things in a given situation. They are our unconscious mental filters!

Module 4: Somatic Intelligence

An exclusive and unique part of this program, carried out only in the Center for Business Psychology

Dedicated to awareness of somatic intelligence. What is my body talking about? How to recognize and respect the basic needs of my body. Smart ageing!


Marina Anchevska NLP Master Trainer

Zoran Parizov NLP Master Practitioner

Patricia Conlon NLP Master Trainer

Module 5: Time Line

Dedicated to awakening your congruence. How much actually you are in contact with the present and how congruence affects personal and professional decision-making.

Module 6: Wishes, Goals, Mission, Vision, Spirituality - From EGO to ECO Leader!

deals with major life issues. You look for the meaning of what you do. Why is the world a better place because I'm here? What is life for me now, when I already have it? What is really, really important to me? Who inspires me and how do I model it?

Module 7: Rising strong – Power of presence

Dedicated to recognizing the power of your presence.

Day 15: Presenting your NLP knowledge and awarding of accredited NLP certificate!

The Systemic NLP Master Practitioner Program is a journey to discover your mission, your true identity. A journey to discover your absolute potential to become real master of your destiny.

Let your power shine out!

Request additional information on the entire 15-day NLP program at: contact@nlpmacedonia.com.