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Accredited NLP programs


The Center for Business Psychology, Systemic and NLP, SEE is a leading center providing professional internationally accredited and certified NLP programs in Macedonia.

NLP programs are certified and accredited by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP).

Participants of these programs, upon completion of the program and fulfill the foreseen requirements, acquire internationally recognized and valid certificate.

Systemic NLP Practitioner Program

lasts 18 days of which:
* 14 days distributed in 7 modules of 2 days for conducting the theoretical part of the program and practical exercises,
* 3 days of questions and answers and practical exercises with a total duration of 18 hours, divided into 6 terms of 3 hours each,
* Last day for presenting the acquired knowledge.

The program takes place over a period of 8-9 months. The modules are organized at a time interval of 4-5 weeks between the modules.

Systemic NLP Master Practitioner Program
takes place in15 days, divided into 7 modules each 2 days and final day for presenting the acquired knowledge and awarding the certificate

Six-day NLP business program
it takes place in 6 days divided into 3 modules