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Connection of NLP and Systemic Work


How many times have you found a four-leaf clover? Do you still occasionally bend down and look for one or have you given it up long ago?

We all know about the belief that finding a four-leaf clover brings luck. The most important words in this belief are ‘finding’ and ‘brings’. Do we need to search and find happiness in order to feel it?

We all dream of a balance of some sort and it is, of course, not always easy and simple to maintain it. In the future, the past is always present; we live going on forwards but understand things backwards. This is why it is important that you look at yourself from a wider perspective.

However, in order to find yourself, you must first discover the four fields constituting the whole: mental, body, energy, and soul.

All four fields through which we act, experience, feel, and communicate consciously or unconsciously represent the four-leaf clover.

All four fields impact and complement one another. The trick is to know in the process which field you need to impact to create harmony in all the other ones.

Discover what it is that you need to do and which field you may start from.

Is it the external triggers, the environment, people that cause an imbalance in your clover of happiness or does the trigger come from inside?


Marina Anchevska NLP Master Trainer

Mental field

To change the way of thinking and acting and to create new, motivating patterns, you need to awaken the unconscious programs taking place in the mental field. NLP techniques are the best method for that.

To enhance your mental immunity, you need to free yourself of all limiting beliefs and ask yourself whether it is time to create new values.

This is why, when you invest in yourself, in your personal and professional development, the changes will be long-lasting only if you look at yourself from another, wider frame.

The systemic approach allows for redirecting the focus from the behavior to the entire systemic dynamic that is constantly vibrating and is in a process.

Body field

You live in your body and, therefore, it is not enough to merely renovate the façade and to hide from the outside what you go through inside. That home requires complete care. Everything happening in our head is processed, filtered and demonstrated by our body. This is why physical activity is of high importance.

 What do you feed your home with?

Remember that every thought you send to your brain will be eaten by it and all the food that you give your body will also be eaten. We may recognize our mental processes by looking at the body. The body unmistakably points to what our internal dialogue is like, how we cope with ourselves, how we transform our emotions, and how we face the challenges coming from the environment.

Every part of our body is in constant contact with all our thoughts, with all the information we receive through our senses. The body reacts to every stimulus, whether caused by us or by the environment.

All these sensations are information from the mental, energy or soul field. In the course of a day, we need moments at which we can ‘put our head down in our stomach’, i.e. to feel ourselves. To achieve this feeling and to create awareness of the sensations that we feel, it is only silence and conscious breathing that can help. In the silence, all our mental noise appears. We can calm down this mental noise by dissociating from the sensations and through conscious breathing.

I breathe therefore I exist!

Through breathing, we connect with ourselves, with the nature around us, and with everything surrounding us. Breathing is the evidence of our existence and our being a part of the whole. Breathing reminds us that there is the present moment. Everything is vibration and has its own rhythm.

Your breathing is your unique rhythm of living.

Everyday detoxification of the body through breathing is an excellent way of cleansing one’s body and mind and of releasing the creative energy that will refresh you, make you younger, and fill you with positive energy.

Your entire process of change, whether you invest in your personal and/or professional development, needs to be supported by physical activity, conscious breathing, and moments of silence.

Energy field

Your perception of time and the way you express and use emotions are your personal choice.

Life is an emotion! Everything you do in life, you do to please or avoid a feeling, an emotion. Emotions are the only driving force – whether you are or are not aware of it – that manages your life.

Emotions are the same for all of us, irrespective of which part of the world we live in. The difference is in the manner in which we cope with them. Every emotion is as it is and is by no means accidental.

The more important question is – what to do with it? Do we oppose, negate or suppress it or do we accept, feel and transform it? Emotions are given to us to feel, not to ignore. They are our roadmap. The challenge is in the fact that we associate with them most of the time. Transformation takes place when we succeed in dissociating ourselves from the emotion and look at the event from another perspective.

The ability of an individual to recognize their emotions and the emotions of others, to label them correctly, and to use this emotional information to direct their thinking and behavior is referred to as emotional intelligence, ie self-awareness.

How aware and skillful are you at separating the emotion from the behavior and to put that in a wider frame?

Simply put, your power lies in the moment between the feeling and the thought.

The sooner you master bringing the area between the feeling and the thought to your awareness, the more easily you will be able to be present in the present moment and to make

a choice as to how you will behave and act.

The energy field also manages the perception of time.

The most frequent excuse to not do something is ‘I do not have the time’! The way in which we experience time is a choice and this choice is never accidentally made. Life challenges, events and happenings create our perception of time.

How we face the fact that life has some timeframe depends on our attitude towards life and death. This attitude is also linked to survival strategy. Initially, we have accepted it from our parents. We all have 24 hours at our disposal.

Some people have time for everything, and some are in a constant race with time. The difference is that the former invests, and the latter waste their time!

When you know exactly what the result you want to achieve is, then you know what to invest your time and energy in, too. When you are focused, aware, and know where you are going, then there is no more sense in ‘wasting’ time and energy on something not yielding the result.

Soul field

In addition to the mental, body and energy fields, the soul field is also important. There is something more than the body and mind, something that connects us and influences all other fields.

All the intertwined dynamics dragging through all our lives and making us what we are arise out of family systems. If we want to create a change, it is not enough that we only focus on the behavior or on the emotions, or do something with our body; instead, we need to look at ourselves from another perspective as well.

The systemic approach, linked to neurolinguistic programming, provides another dimension in coping with unconscious processes. Discovering and resolving the unconscious patterns in family relations may bring about significant change in the perception, behavior and actions of every individual. The impact of these systemic family connections is of high importance and should not be neglected. The only thing that travels through these systems, through all the fields, through the timeless dimension, is emotion.

Belonging is one of the deepest human needs. It is the core, i.e. the thing that connects all the leaves of the four-leaf clover. The yearning to be seen and accepted, i.e. to belong, simmers in you.

If this yearning is not satisfied, you will always be looking for a way to fill in this emptiness, for something that will satisfy your sense of belonging. In this search for belonging, in order to survive, you create various behaviors and coping strategies. A large portion of those strategies are limiting. The sense of belonging creates motivation, desire for growth and contribution and, of course, loyalty. It is of highest importance that you become aware of whether loyalty limits you or inspires and motivates you.

Loyalty establishes the balance of giving and taking. It is primary for the depth, intensity and quality of life. Therefore, the biggest challenge is to be connected, but not tied! Being tied to something or someone causes a feeling of guilt, expectations, and limiting loyalty.

Being connected to someone or something creates a feeling of freedom.

Bringing the feeling of belonging and being a part of the whole to awareness may create large changes, not only in yourself, but also in the environment in which you act. Changes are reflected in the way you behave, in your abilities, believes and values, in your identity and, certainly, in your mission and vision. Then, life gets another meaning.

The question is: ‘How to remain a human being?’

We cannot survive on our own. We need other people to be human. A human being is a human being through another human being. Therefore, create healthy relations and always have systemic consciousness.