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NLP is useful in the everyday life. It can be applied both in the private and professional life, enabling significant improvement of the relations with people you work with and live, your partner, your children and friends.

However, its greatest application and success lies in work communication.

Certain professions are more prone to the need to use NLP skills and techniques, especially in those where people, clients, colleagues or co-workers are involved. But it also facilitates communication in private life, primarily with yourself, and thus with others.

  • Sales

One of the most frequent applications of NLP is in the sales.
What you see as a fascinating sale among many salespersons and tradesmen is actually NLP. What makes them successful? How the connections with their clients are more successful and last longer?
One of the top examples of successful salesperson is Brian Tracy who is an NLP trainer as well.

  • Management

In large systems and corporations, successful management and coordination with people is crucial. If you are an experienced manager, NLP can broaden your view of people. You will learn new methods to discover their feelings and what motivates them, what their goals are. This will improve the interpersonal relationships between you and your employees, as well as between them, improving their efficiency, and thus the efficiency and success of the company.

  • Negotiations

It has long been argued that the success of great negotiators is based on talent and that such people are rare. In fact, these are the only people who have naturally learned NLP through their lives. Today, thanks to NLP, the essence of their behavior is recognized, so that negotiation excellence can be learned as an ability with NLP.

  • Presentation

Few presenters succeed in keeping their audience’s attention and conveying knowledge and information, even when it comes to hard matter. The difference from other presenters is in the way they present themselves, with careful observation of the group and its dynamics, as well as monitoring and managing the unconscious processes of the group and individuals. All this is easily learned with NLP.

  • Education

With the help of NLP techniques, educators, teachers and professors learn techniques to best present the knowledge that should be passed on to their students. Recognizing the senses with which their students receive information, they adapt their form of information transfer, making them excellent educators whose result is successful students and students.

  • Psychotherapy

The beginnings of NLP were precisely focused on the study of what successful psychotherapists actually do. In NLP psychotherapy does not explore the source but studies the current state and looks for models that can support change that state, now with the help of programming.

  • Human resources

The search for the ideal people for the organizations is a challenge. The challenge is to identify the individuals who are right for the position they have applied for, identifying their world map, their values and beliefs, and what exactly they want to achieve and thus achieve for the company.

  • Sports

NLP has many techniques that are geared towards the inner world and talking to oneself. Many well-known athletes, especially in individual squads such as tennis and athletics, apply NLP techniques to overcome crises at key moments in order to achieve their top result.

  • Health care

Working with patients, regardless of which aspect of health care is concerned, i.e. the social medicine is of great importance. Good rapport with patients, calmness in difficult situations can be crucial in saving human lives, as well as for understanding patients’ condition and motivating them and raising their wills as a proven part of the healing process.