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Professional Management Program



Designed for groups of 10 to maximum 20 participants - management staff.

  Program content:

Day 1: Coaching - the basics and principles of coaching with NLP techniques:

  • Coaching process.
  • The criteria for the coach and the message sent by the coach.
  • NLP Communication Model - How do you filter information?
  • Calibration and rapport.
  • How do you communicate and why is it important?
  • Communication at the level of emotional intelligence; with empathy and confidence to greater performance.

Practical exercises for detecting communication styles, as well as exercises for applying the technique report and calibration.

Day 2: With coaching techniques to better performance:

  • Requesting and giving feedback in everyday communication.
  • With short coaching issues to major changes.
  • Distortion of content and emotions in everyday communication.
  • What are your personal beliefs and values?
  • How do you recognize the values ​​and beliefs of your colleagues, associates?
  • How do you transfer organizational values?

Practical exercises for application of question techniques, crucial in the process of coaching.

Program Agenda:

Two-day training from 09.00 till 17.00, which includes 3 breaks daily – one-hour lunch break and two coffee breaks lasting 15-20 minutes each.


Marina Anchevska NLP Master Trainer

Professional Management Program

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