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Systemic NLP Starter


NLP Starter - Two Days That Bring Change

Make something beautiful and extraordinary for yourself! Be part of this wonderful, world-renowned NLP program.


Accredited NLP program according to the world recognized American NLP Association - American Board of NLP - ABNLP.

Your NLP Certificate, issued by the Center for Business Psychology, is recognized and valid worldwide!

The NLP Starter is an extraordinary journey that you will always remember. The uniqueness of this program is the inclusion of the family systems, i.e. the systemic work.

The Center for Business Psychology is the only center in the Balkans dedicated to applying the systemic approach.

This practical systemic approach was developed in order to shift the focus from the individual to the wider system, and from that perspective to support its development, leadership and organizational vitality in all types of systems, personal or corporate.

Apart from working on personal, family systems we are also greatly dedicated to working on organizational systems, since there too various systemic dynamics are intertwined, which are significant for the success of teams and the organization as a whole.

Systemic dynamics do not fit assessments of personality, team profiles and other models. They are behind every rational intervention and request to be discovered solely through practical systemic intervention.

A symptom can be remedied just by working on personality; however, the dynamics that belong on a systemic level will simply reappear and will express themselves in a different context.

Due to non-linear thinking and systemic intervention, the Systemic NLP program provides new sources and solutions for resolving any kind of personal, team or organizational dynamics.

Why does the NLP Launcher make a difference?

During the Starter you discover where you are in  this moment and what is it that you want to achieve?

To reach the goal you need to be aware of and understand the way you interact with yourself and how it is reflected in your environment.

It all starts with how we respond to what is going on in the environment and what actions we take.
One person functions in four fields: Mental field, Physical field, Energy field and Soul field.

All four fields influence one another and complement each other. The skill is to know to recognize in what field you need to act in order to create harmony in all other fields.

Why is it important to broaden our frame with which we observe ourselves and the world around us and to look at it from a broader, systemic perspective?

By completing the first module you will be introduced to your family dynamics and how they affect your daily life.


Marina Anchevska NLP Master Trainer

Zoran Parizov NLP Master Practitioner

Patricia Conlon NLP Master Trainer

The NLP Starter will allow you to boost your mental immunity and thus create balance in the fields of the body, energy and emotions. You will be able to find out whether you belong to the team you work for, whether you identify with the goals and mission of the organization, whether you belong to the organization itself and what is the interconnection between your family system and your behavior.

The Neuro Linguistic Programming is a science about the behavior that will enable you to find out:

- What you really want to achieve?

- How do you get to that?

- What will it mean to you if you achieve it?

- What drives you forward?

- What motivates you?

- How to be successful in life and thus to motivate yourself and others?

How much are you willing to invest in yourself? Are money and time your excuses that pull you away from what you want to do?

The Neuro Linguistic Programming is a program of positive change, designed to create transformation in personal and professional field.

Day 1: Starter

The four human fields.

Model of communication.

Systemic dynamics.

The history of NLP.

NLP assumptions.

Interpretation or structure?

NLP is a subjective experience.

Day 2: Starter

Representational systems

Technique: Rapport.

Test for representational systems.

What do our eyes say?

Field of body. What does your body talk about?

Breathing techniques.