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Program “Training Of Trainers” For Communication Skills


This program offers an interesting, dynamic and unconventional approach that is most significant for a trainer. Trainers will learn effective, practical and immediately applicable NLP communication techniques. In addition, they will develop their own unique style that is interactive, easily accessible and educational.

The program is designed for internal trainers within the company. After completion of the program, each trainer will receive materials for preparation of communication skills training, a manual for scripts and exercises.

Day 1: Congruency and communication

The first day is dedicated to congruency of the trainer, i.e. his/her awareness about the way of transfer of information, verbally and non-verbally.

Tips & Tricks for Trainers!

In addition, trainers will learn new and practical NLP techniques that they can apply immediately in their training:

  • What do you elicit as a trainer in the heads of your participants?
  • Do you live what you lecture?
  • How do others view you? Presentation styles used by top trainers.

Practical exercises to refresh and complement your training style.

Day 2: The language as a structure
The second day is dedicated to the structure of communication as the basis of behavior. As a trainer, the most important thing to convey is that in communication the focus is put on the way the behavior is created, not on the behavior itself.
The verbal communication, i.e. language has a certain structure.

  • VAKOG model as a tool for communication according to the senses - Representative systems;
  • The basic human needs create the behavior and are an important segment of communication;
  • The RAPPORT technique and its practical application in communication;
  • Deleting, distorting or generalizing information;
  • Challenges in communicating and overcoming conflicts;
  • Feedback as a communication skill.

Practical exercises.

Day 3: Preparation for the training

The third day is dedicated to preparation for the training. The trainer has to make a structure of the training and to do that, he/she needs to know the purpose of each part of the training.

The success of the training is a result of the preparation.

  • Make your training interactive, with minimal use of slides.
  • The process of creating interactive, educational and dynamic training.
  • Communication model - the basis of communication skills training;
  • Communication structure, not interpretation.

Practical exercises and techniques for mastering the whole program.

Three-day training from 09.00 to 17.00, which includes 3 breaks per day – one-hour lunch break and two coffee breaks, lasting 15-20 minutes each.




Marina Anchevska NLP Master Trainer

Program “Training Of Trainers” For Communication Skills

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