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SYSTEMIC BUSINESS NLP COACHING - Individual Coaching and Leadership Program


The individual is part of a larger system of all kinds of partnership, family, team, organization, in society. This systemic approach identifies the processes of communication and behavior in the system based on the values ​​and beliefs of the group, i.e. the system.

All the dynamics of the family systems we come from are intertwined in the background of behavior, action, motivation, decision making, and all other everyday personal and professional processes.

Discovering, understanding and resolving unconscious patterns, dynamics in any type of systemic relationship can create a significant change in perception, behavior and action. These dynamics cannot be resolved without understanding the dynamics of the group, the system.

In the management process, it is very important to understand what you are causing to others.

The Systemic Business NLP Coaching and Leadership program package includes:

  • 10 Coaching sessions with duration of 1,5 hour, with professional Business NLP Coach,
  • Report with recommendation for future development.

The topics elaborated during the 10 Coaching sessions are:

  • 1st to 3rd Coaching session Personal coaching to perceive personal values

and beliefs, as well as personal potentials

  • 4th to 6th Coaching session Develop basic professional coaching skills – how

to coach your team

  • 7th to 8th Coaching session Develop team coaching skills – become aware of

Group dynamics and how to deal with team issues and performance

  • 9th to 10th Coaching Session Develop leadership skills to become Mindful

Leader – how to lead people with charisma and influence others

The selected package can only be used by one person.

Work methodology

- NLP techniques

- System organizational coaching techniques

- Dynamics techniques in organizational systems




Marina Anchevska NLP Master Trainer

SYSTEMIC BUSINESS NLP COACHING – Individual Coaching and Leadership Program

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