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Systemic Work


The Systemic Work method originates from the work of Moreno, Satir, Nagy, Hellinger and others. System work looks at the whole system and, in particular, the hidden dynamics on which that system is based, which has a profound effect on the system. This dynamic can either support the system or tangle it.

The system is a whole composed of parts. Every part of the system is connected or has its own influence over every other part. Each component acts as part of a larger whole. The needs of the system in a sense dictate the choice made by a separate part. The System components function more according to their location in the connection than to their personality. The system is a constantly moving living matter.

An organization, for example, is a living system, just like a family. As a member of an organization or family, we are connected to other members. This connection is a constantly changing process. Every action has a reaction somewhere in the system, which in turn has an impact on the action. We keep the system in motion and in balance as much as possible. As a member of the system, we notice when the system is "wrong" and when the balance is disturbed. Then we move the system to try to restore its balance.


Marina Anchevska NLP Master Trainer

The Systemic work deals with the deep hidden dynamics and the unconscious basis that influences choice, behavior and outcome. This is done in order to detect the invisible, to provide an opening that allows for a new kind of clarity. The Systemic work encompasses the relationships of all members of the system, the entanglements that block freedom and growth. It provides information from the past that significantly affects the present. From this perspective, an explanation can be found for the unknown aspects that maintain the current problem and point to the way to its resolution.

On one hand, the systemic work operates at the level of different members of the system, on the other hand it works at the level of the family or the organization as a whole. This whole, as a system, is also linked to larger systems such as cities, countries, cultures, etc. At the member level of the system, the systemic work sometimes deals with family problems that manifest themselves in the outer world, or internally within the family member. Problems can also manifest themselves in the organization in which a family member works.

When dealing with problems at the organization level, it is often the situation in the system and the extent to which the orderliness in the hidden system dynamics are entangled, disrupted, or blocked. This can cause various complications or irritation. In addition, it can also cause larger problems that cannot be solved by a simple solution, due to the deeper hidden dynamics of the system that is repeated until they are resolved.

Systemic work is done through constellations.

One constellation provides information on what has happened in the past that influence current events to a great extent. From this perspective, we can find solutions to the unknown aspects that make the problem topical.

The constellation gives a quick and convincing chance to look at a given situation / system in a way that allows previously hidden dynamics to come to surface. Many of the technologies offered in the field of organizational development (SD) are built on the assumption that feedback is a powerful way of learning. We know that by looking at the authentic, factual real reality, we can make a move on.

Constellations offer a form of feedback that bypasses the normal forms of denial that often exist because of shame. What may take years of coaching or consulting on relationships can be discovered during an hour of constellation work. In the connections revealed through the constellation, it becomes clear that each of us is part of a larger whole, that the choices we make are somehow dictated by the needs of the system.

As a participant in a system constellation you can present your case or question, you can be a representative or an observer. Whichever role you take, you will experience how constellations work, see what form problems take, and gain insights.