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What is Coaching?


Coaching as a powerful tool for achievement of personal and professional goals

How to increase your performance and be even better at what you do?

What makes people successful and why do some succeed and some remain mediocre?

The secret is in the way you face challenges and how the situations you are in affect you? How consciously do you act in a given situation and how consciously do you set your personal and professional goals?

Increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence are key to success. How to simply raise awareness and overcome emotions?

Coaching has been one of the fastest growing professions in the world for decades.

Coaching is used as a technique to successfully create your life's work to achieve the desired results whether in sports, business or individual goals.

It is a methodology that uses a variety of techniques to inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals successfully. Coaching can be a professional support if you want to consciously grow and lead your company to success.

Coaching addresses the three most important life issues:

Who am I?

What can I do?

What do I want?

If you want to achieve your professional goals you have to start with the same life issues.

In order to be happy in what you do, it is important for you to discover the balance between your life and your character.



Marina Anchevska NLP Master Trainer

Coaching is focused on balancing private and business life, increasing self-esteem, coping with stress, improving communication, developing talents, improving relationships with other people, developing a life vision, setting and achieving challenging goals, and many more. other highlights of your life.

Who is coaching intended for?

Coaching is a useful tool for every manager and leader. Investing in coaching senior management for every company / organization is a return on investment. After coaching, they are ready to manage teams and individuals even more effectively and thus achieve organizational goals together.

Executive director

Do you want to be an inspirational leader? Crystallize your options and choices? What is your next step? Are you successfully achieving your goals? Be a master of your own development and growth.

Do you want to activate your qualities? Do your tasks creatively? Increase your effectiveness and thus the effectiveness of your team? Be an inspirational leader?

Do you want to improve your diplomatic skills? Enhance your diplomatic behavior? Improve your non-verbal and verbal communication?

Do you need an independent view of the situation you are in? Do you want to feel more confident? How to handle a large number of obligations? How to motivate and gladly perform your job duties?

Do you want intensive and individual help in finding a new job or setting up your own business? Do you want to step into a new challenge? Do you want to improve your qualities and talents?

Becoming aware of the conscious and unconscious processes of daily communication with ourselves and with others around us makes this coaching unique. Leaving the comfort zone can be the most important part of the coaching process. Results are guaranteed and goals are achieved in a very simple and subtle way.

Coaching is for the artists of life.

Be the designer of your life.

Do not dream of life as you would like to have it, but live your dreams!