Тhe world has been going through a huge change in the past period. In these moments when we face challenges, we perceive the importance of human capital.

Investing in the personal development of employees as part of the organizational system, results in enlargement of their mindful leadership, i.e. personal responsibility for increasing the collective intelligence of the organization as a whole.

Socially responsible companies, which have developed a systemic awareness, have outgrown the creation of ego leaders and focused to development of Mindful Leaders, because Mindful Leaders are the People Developers.

Such companies for a long time have been investing remarkably in their own human capital, in their own employees.

And such companies more easily deal with the challenges they face during this period of change.

We continue our successful cooperation with A1 Macedonia, this time in the form of webinars – series entitled Ask Your Coach, starting as of June 04th, 2020.

We commend all companies to follow such successful examples and invest in their own employees, because funding the employees’ development is not an expense, but an investment.