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Sanja Boshkovska
Office Manager


A highly motivated person for organization, management, marketing, coordination of activities and human resources, as well as continuous education for personal growth and development.

Sanja has 9 years experience in the field of administrative work, organization, management and marketing. Excels with abilities such as communication and written skills, teamwork, individual deadline work, innovation and creativity in the performance of everyday activities.

She has completed high education, Master’s degree in business and organizational sciences – management. Currently studying at the Faculty of General Psychology. At the same time, she is studying for the Systemic NLP Practitioner 2.0 program at the Center for Business Psychology, where she works as an Office Manager.

Her life statement is: Life filled with meaning and joy at every moment is worth living for. People can change themselves at any moment and improve the quality of their lives if they really want it and are ready for education.