Почеток на вашето патување до личното совршенство

ИЗВОНРЕДЕН МЕЃУНАРОДЕН 6-НЕДЕЛЕН ONLINE ТРЕНИНГ кој нуди можност да развиете подобра комуникацијата со луѓето кои Ве опкружуваат во приватниот живот и во бизнисот и на тој начин да ја креирате насоката кон која сакате да се движите во комплексното окружување во кое сите припаѓаме.
Приклучете се и креираjте трајни и позитивни промени за Вас и луѓето околу Вас.




⁉️ You have probably noticed that some people easily overcome any challenge and find a positive intention in everything.
⁉️ It is a fact of life that there are individuals who are strong, powerful and charismatic communicators.
⁉️ Believe it or not, certain folks achieved their goals after revealing and solving the family dynamics and entanglements.
⁉️ You are curious maybe, how some human beings can effortlessly make a shift, upgrade their mind and become masters of their destiny.

✔️Simply stated – It is so easy that a child can do and You can discover with leaping in right now.
✔️You CHOOSE what action you will take.
✔️We GIVE you a choice.

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🌐 Everything you always wanted to know about…..
📌 How to change your thoughts, emotions, and behavior and program yourself for success in any situation and at any time.
📌 How to reveal the unseen obstacles and realize your goals!
📌 How to get rid of old habits, fears, limiting beliefs and unveil your true potential!
📌 How to define your map of happiness and modify the way you see your future!
📌 How to achieve excellence in all areas of your life!
📌 How to simply transform everything in your life!

Is NOW AVAILABLE to you during 6 weeks ONLINE training.

🏠 From the comfort of your home, REGARDLESS WHERE IN THE WORLD YOU ARE.
Everything you learn you can put easily into action immediately.

Here’s what you get:
👉 6 hours of direct and interactive ONLINE connection with your trainers via Zoom, where your attendance is compulsory;
👉 Online support by Marina within a closed Facebook group during the entire training to answer your questions;
👉 Guest International Trainer – Anil Thomas, Certified Trainer and Gestalt Therapist;
👉 Guest Speaker – Limba Veselinovikj, Certified Business Coach;
👉 Video lessons prepared by your trainer Marina Anchevska that you will be able to access from any device at any time;
👉 Written material and worksheets that accompany the lessons.

– Marina Anchevska – Internationally Certified NLP Master Trainer by the NLP University USA, founder of the Unique Systemic NLP Practitioner Program. https://www.linkedin.com/in/marina-anchevska-241b087/

The 6 weeks ONLINE training STARTS 7th September 2020 and ENDS 15th October 2020.

7th September is the date when you receive the first video lesson. The other video lessons follow at the beginning of each next week.

ZOOM Trainings Live with obligatory attendance:
📆 10 September 2020
📆 17 September 2020
📆 24 September 2020
📆 01 October 2020
📆 08 October 2020
📆 15 October2020
🕰 All 6 sessions start at 6 PM CET

The value of this training is 299 EUR and includes live engagement of two international trainers, NLP training, Systemic Work Method, personal coaching approach.

🍀 NOW you get it at ONLY 99.99 EUR, because you are worth it and you deserve it.

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💵 PAYMENT DETAILS: Stopanska Banka AD Skopje, Macedonia, IBAN: MK07200001728182159, Account 200001728182159, Sistemska NLP JIE