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Marina Anchevska
Owner and CEO of the Center for Business Psychology, Systemic & NLP, South Eastern Europe


The first NLP Master Trainer in the South East European region certified by America’s most renowned NLP University, directly from its founders, Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier.

Internationally recognized NLP Master Trainer with a unique style of training, inspiring and encouraging professional change people and personal life.

Business and Personal Coach offering a sole combination of methods and techniques for energizing potential and engaging people to enhance performance, for learning and growth to achieve challenging personal development goals and business agendas, for targeting individuals’ potential for achieving company goals better and for providing tangible improvements in individuals’ behavior, all based on long term experience both internationally and in Macedonia.

Conference and Motivational speaker with distinct personality, one-of-a-kind aptitude to educate, inspire, enlighten and entertain audiences and apparent presence to authentically win the hearts & minds of people.

TV and radio guest speaker and author of articles for magazines and national newspapers covering interesting topics about investing in personal and professional development.

Creator of specific personal and professional programs – the Hero’s Journey® and the Energy Management®

Writer, influencer and life changing coach to many individuals in their personal and professional life.

In 2017 published the first book for personal development in Macedonia, written by a Macedonian author – the book entitled “Simply me”.

Established an international platform for trainings and trainers – www.trainings4all.com.

Established an international Youtube channel for Mindful Leadership – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCev5iwhhRgEni-Ota1xnlRA.