✨ AN EXTRAORDINARY 4-MONTHS ONLINE LIVE 3-in-1 PROGRAM designed to enable you transform your life and position yourself to stand out.

👉 78 hours interactive LIVE training sessions via Zoom;
👉 12 hours interactive LIVE practice group and Q&A sessions via Zoom;
👨‍🎓 International NLP Master Trainers and Coaches:
– Marina Anchevska – Patricia Conlon – Maria Kanderaki – Anil Thomas – Limba Veselinovikj
👉 6 recorded video lessons, that you will be able to access from any device at any time;
👉 Personal Coaching session for each participant with Executive Coaches;
👉 Written material and worksheets that accompany the lessons.

🏠 From the comfort of your home, REGARDLESS WHERE IN THE WORLD YOU ARE. Everything you learn you can put easily into action immediately.

✅ Module 1: Communication with self – Our internal dialogue: The four human fields; Communication model; Systemic dynamics; NLP assumptions;
NLP is a subjective experience – Interpretation or structure?; VAKOG and Rapport; Body field: What does your body tell you? Family dynamics;
✅ Module 2: The Language of the Subconscious: Meta model – a technique for asking questions useful in coaching; Change your limiting beliefs with Mapping across.
✅ Module 3: Strategies: Discover the importance of strategies and how they work; Technique T.OT.E.; Creating new strategies related to your goal. Technique: Logical levels of change.
✅ Module 4: Re-frame your Systemic dynamics; Change your limiting beliefs at identity level with different techniques;
✅ Module 5: Discover the power of your anchors; State management – what stops you from living your full potential;
✅ Module 6: Timeline – In the past the future is always present: Practical techniques for working with parts. Visual Squash; 6 steps re-framing;
✅ Module 7: Create your future on a personal and professional level: Awake the critic and the realist in you; Organizational Systemic Work; At what level do you need change to achieve your goals? Logical levels of change

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🎯 You get 3-in-1:
💎 Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner Program value 1416 EUR,
💎 Basic Systemic Work with NLP techniques education value 750 EUR,
💎 Individual Personalized Systemic Coaching PRICELESS.

🎯 You get Two Certificates:
💎 One for the NLP Practitioner Program valid worldwide, accredited by the ABNLP,
💎 One for the Basic Systemic Work, accredited by the Center for Business Psychology, Systemic and NLP SEE.

🆓 VALUABLE FREE BONUS – Yours just for saying “YES” and enroll in this EXCLUSIVE Program.
✔ Lecture on the most powerful NLP method – Re-framing with Systemic Approach
✔ Seminar on “Points of You” – personal, professional and organizational development methodology which will enable you look at the things from a new viewpoint.

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STARTS – January 20th, 2021.
32 days spread out during 4 months.
Every Monday and Wednesday starting at 06.00 PM CET.

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