How many times have you found a four-leaf clover? Do you still occasionally bend down and look for one or have you given it up long ago?

We all know about the belief that finding a four-leaf clover brings luck. The most important words in this belief are ‘finding’ and ‘brings’. Do we need to search and find happiness in order to feel it?

We all dream of a balance of some sort and it is, of course, not always easy and simple to maintain it. In the future, the past is always present; we live going on forwards but understand things backwards. This is why it is important that you look at yourself from a wider perspective.

However, in order to find yourself, you must first discover the four fields constituting the whole: mental, body, energy, and soul.

All four fields through which we act, experience, feel, and communicate consciously or unconsciously represent the four-leaf clover.

All four fields impact and complement one another. The trick is to know in the process which field you need to impact to create harmony in all the other ones.

Discover what it is that you need to do and which field you may start from.